Sheep and Goats

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Sheep & Goats

At Synergy Farm Health we provide a comprehensive service for small ruminants with an emphasis on preventative medicine and evidence based strategies. Our work ranges includes flock/herd health planning, benchmarking, fertility management, infectious disease management and individual animal medicine. We work with a range of flocks from large commercial flocks, store units, pedigree units and dairy flocks.


At the practice we can offer clinical services including:animals 027

·         Flock health planning with our own flock health plan template, currently in use on assured and organic farms

·         Comprehensive parasite management strategies using our in-house laboratory

·         Additional laboratory support for metabolic disease monitoring

·         Troubleshooting investigations e.g. reduced reproductive performance, abortion, poor lamb performance, high ewe culling and mortality,mastitis, lameness etc

·         Support for infectious disease management including achieving accreditation status with the SAC PSGHS (Maedi visna, Scrapie and EAE) and additional work with Johnes, OPA and Border Disease

·         Advanced fertility advice e.g. use of synchronisation techniques and advancing the breeding season

·         Ram testing and ram vasectomies

·         Export certification

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   Caprine specific services include:

   ·         Goat kid disbudding

   ·         Tailored parasite control strategies

   ·         CAE accreditation and establishing infectious disease status

   ·         Youngstock management




Additional support we can provide includes:

·         Access to our laboratory for parasitological work including Faecal Egg Count Reduction Testing, Worm Egg Counts, Fluke Egg Counts, Lungworm flotation and Sheep Scab identification

·         A “team approach” to parasite management with vets working alongside our Laboratory team and SQPs to ensure a joined up approach to your preventative health strategy

·         Access to training including parasite management, lameness management and lambing courses


Ongoing work within the practice includes:

·         A large flock discussion group for flocks with >1000 breeding ewes

·         Regular farmer meetings

·         Lamb mortality benchmarking

Why not take a look at our NEW Flock Health Advisory Package – Lots of benefits enclosed in a pay monthly scheme, designed for commercial flocks with 150-500 ewes.

Flock Health Advisory Package