The youngstock of any system are the future of your herd. It is important to get their rearing correct from a young age in order to ensure that they are strong and healthy when they join the herd.

At Synergy Farm Health we have a team of specialist youngstock vets who can carry out visits to assess your calf rearing and provide advice on everything from colostrum management and disease control to building design and ventilation systems.

They work closely with the routine vet and vet techs to provide an all-round approach which ensures continuity as well as good monitoring and early detection of issues.

We also run a specific service for dairy calves. The 0-6 Youngstock Advisory Service is designed to work closely with you and your team to take your heifers from birth to calving, but with a concentrated focus on the critical first few months of life.

Click here for more information on the 0-6 Youngstock Advisory Service.

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