Synergy_02-03-16-3002Health Planning

In order to comply with Red Tractor Standards your farm should have a herd health plan written by your vet.  Our aim is to produce a useful document which will encompass all aspects of animal health and farm management.  It should be something that can be referred to on a regular basis – not just sit on a shelf gathering dust!



Beyond the high costs of clinical mastitis the quality of the milk you produce is becoming increasingly important with regard to the market you are selling into and the price you are getting.

With the aid of computer programs such as Interherd+ and TotalVet, we are able to analyse your milk recording data and supply you with monthly reports.

Regular sampling of clinical cases or high SCC cows is important.  We can process these samples in our in-house laboratory and provide you with results and advice within a few working days.

Treatment of clinical cases, dry cow management, parlour hygiene and management of the environment are critical in maintaining good udder health in your herd.  As independent advisors with a wide range of dry and lactating cow tubes to hand, we can select the best products for you.

If you are having problems with any aspects of mastitis, from high clinical levels to bactoscan issues, we can help.  We have multiple vets trained to deliver the DairyCo mastitis plan; a nationally recognised program which delivers a thorough overview of all aspects of milking management to produce a bespoke control program.

For further details see our Mastitis Control Brochure

Fertility and Breeding

Routine Fertility Visits

 Fertility work is the largest part of our day to day work, with most dairy farms receiving routine fertility visits on a regular basis. Each farm has their own vet who performs the majority of the work, but we also operate a ‘buddy’ system so there is regular back up when needed.1st embryo transfer Fleckvieh calf born in mainland GB

All vets are experienced in ultrasound scanning which allows for an in-depth examination of the reproductive tract and early diagnosis of pregnancy.

The purpose of the routine is to carry out all the regular jobs such as pregnancy diagnosis and treating non-bullers, but also to allow monitoring of performance in order to maximise productivity. We produce monthly reports for all farms that milk record which allows you and your vet to review mastitis, nutrition and fertility on a regular basis.

Find out more about Routine Fertility Visits.

The Bull

Remember that the bull is 50% of your fertility – it is advisable to have regular fertility testing carried out on all stock bulls.

Find out more about bull testing

Artificial Insemination 

We regularly run a 4 Day DIY AI course. For information on our courses, click here.

Genetics and Genomics

Did you know that you can easily assess the genetic merit of your herd?

Find out more about Genetics and Genomics


Sound nutritional principles are fundamental to a productive and healthy cow.  Poor feeding will not only produce unsatisfactory yields and milk qualSynergy_Farm-45799ity, but is a factor in the development of many production diseases and it is vital that the nutritional input to your herd is monitored and assessed at all stages of lactation, including the dry period.

There should be  a team approach to nutrition, involving farmer, herdsman, nutritionist (consultant or feed company) and vet.  Whilst the ration may look good on paper we are uniquely placed to observe how this ration is fed and how the cow responds to it.

Some of our vets are highly experienced in the field of nutrition and using specialist computer programs can assist with ration formulation.

Housing and Management


The environment and housing of your herd will affect their production, both directly and indirectly.

In the course of our work as farm animal vets we see many different systems in use.  We are therefore a very good source of practical information and independent observations and are able to offer advice; either at the planning stage of a new building or handling system, or as a troubleshooting exercise.

We can also advise on matters that will affect your stock when they are outside such as water trough placement or cow tracks.