Vet Services

Synergy Farm Health provides a complete veterinary service for all farm animals.  We strive to provide the most current veterinary techniques and advice for animals under our care, focusing on prevention rather than cure.  For further details of our services to the various sectors of the livestock industry please follow the links below.

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We employ farm only vets. They are all real enthusiasts who enjoy working with local farmers and their livestock.  In addition we have individual vets with areas of special interest and knowledge, this includes: Cattle lameness, nutrition, fertility and mastitis as well as sheep medicine and animal welfare.  Some are recognised as national experts in their field.


Our vets operate in regional teams, and cover much of Dorset, south Somerset and east Devon.  All have extensive knowledge of both the farming systems and rural communities within their local areas.   Each farm client has a nominated vet  to provide consistency and also specific advice that can only be offered with a detailed working knowledge of the farm.  We provide emergency veterinary care 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.