Sure_Farm-49167Set up in 2013 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Synergy Farm Health involved in procuring the Enferplex bTB test for camelids and then managing the UK roll out of it.  SureFarm now delivers the Enferplex bTB test for camelids across the country.  This is a pioneering test to the UK which allows for the test to be read in two ways increasing the specificity or sensitivity.

The business came about with one of our Directors working closely with one of our clients to get a test for bTB that delivered confidence to the owner as well as effective disease surveillance for DEFRA.  It took three years of political pressure to allow DEFRA to give us permission to use the test in the UK.

We are now working on validating the test for cattle.  DEFRA have given permission for first stage validation to go ahead and we hope that in the coming year we will get sufficient evidence to allow the EU to approve the test delivering MORE options to our cattle industry.

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