As one of Synergy Farm Health’s values is to work at all levels of the veterinary chain, we view research as one of our core skills.   We have a large client base which means we have plenty of farms and animals to use for various projects and often the farms benefit from taking part, we also have the benefit of a large team of vet technicians to deliver the high standard of research to GCP level as required.

We currently have the following research projects ongoing:

  •   Investigation into Chlamydia abortion in cows
  •   Investigation into the effect of respiratory vaccine on growth rates in heifers
  •   Validating the Enferplex test for use in bovines

And the following development projects

  1.             Making antimicrobial data accessible to farmers to allow them to benchmark their farms
  2.             Using Genomic markers in heifers to allow farmers to make better decisions


Synergy Farm Health works very closely with research groups, like RAFT Ltd.  For further information please contact our research team at the practice on 01935 83682.