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Spring Sheep News 2021

Featured: Autumn Lambers, Effects of Climate Change on Parasite Patterns, Updates on Exports post Brexit, Feed FECs, Fertility and farts – the environmental discussion surrounding lamb. Plus the lates news and dispensary updates.

Beef News Winter 2021

Featured: Benefits of Improving Female Fertility by Keith Cutler, our new Beef Suckler Herd Health Advisory Package, Coccidosis in beef calves by Claire Rudd, Synchronisation and AI in beef herd by VT Dave Phillips. Plus the latest news from the rounds and dispensary offers.

Newsletter February 2021

Featured: Consultation on Red Tractor Standards – have your say! Spotlight on Spring Calving Sucklers, Benefits to foot trimming bulls and block calving cows. Plus the latest news from your region, dispensary news and medicines update.

Newsletter January 2021

Featured: Feeding calves afte weaning – what are your aims? Choosing the right calf milk replacement, keeping feet clean. Plus the latest news from your region, dispensary offers and news, and Synergy tweets.

Newsletter December 2020

Featured: TLC For Downer Cows, Planning ahead for TB Testing, Respitatory Vaccinations; a summary. Plus the latest news from your region, dispensary offers and news, and Synergy tweets.

Winter Sheep News 2020/2021

Featured: Ewe Nutrition Package by Sam Cottam, SRUC Johnes Monitoring vs Risk Level Certification by Bella Lowis, Sheep Team on the Road by Imogen Rogers, Onion fostering pens Q&A with farmer Martin Atkinson. Plus the latest courses and dispensary offers.

Newsletter November 2020

Featured: Feeding your cows – looking beyond the ration by Esme Moffett, Body Condition Scoring – a vital tool by Pete O’Malley, and notes from ATT Milly White. Plus a lockdown update from the Operations Team, and the latest news and offers from Dispensary.

Newsletter October 2020

Featured: Heartfelt fond farewell from Director Mark Burnell, Calf Pneumonia – should I vaccinate by Ben Barber, Gareth Foden looks into why lameness has become a priority, trimming in calf heifers to reduce bruising by Vet Tech Matt Board, plus the latest regional news and Dispensary offers.

Sheep News Autumn 2020

Featured: Maedi Visna Monitoring Scheme, Round up from our virtual meeting ‘Weaning Weights – Bigger is Better’, articles on Store Lamb Finishers and Autumn Pasteurellosis, plsy the latest dispensary offers and courses.

Newsletter September 2020

Featured: Synergy Business Update, Ed Powell-Jackson looks at New Forest Eye, and ou Vet Techs discuss their Foot Trimming Service, as well as the latest dispensary offers and news from yoru area.

Newsletter August 2020

Featured: Rachel Hayton advises on being Red Tractor Assured, Sam Cottam Focusses on Transition Cows, Vet Tech Reproductive Services. Plus the latest dispensary offers and local news.

Newsletter July 2020

Featured: a write up on our #mattsfight #knowyournuts charity day, articles on Redwater increase and advice on getting prepared for autumn born calves. Plus the latest dispensary offers & local news. 

Sheep News Summer 2020

Featured: Toxoplasmosis: costs, risks and prevention, Benzimidazole resistance in Nematodirus battus, are your medicines ship shape? And the latest seasonal promotions and news.

Newsletter June 2020

Featured: Synergy’s Wellbeing Champions take a look at your wellbeing in lockdown, CAttle Vets call on government to give UK farmers greater protection in future trade deals, how to develop an effective fly control plan, plus the latest news from your region and seasonal promotions.

Newsletter May 2020

Featured: Synergy’s latest responses and thoughts on the COVID-19 situation for our farmers, Ed Powell-Jackson looks into Wires in cattle – an all too common problem, Vet Tech Natalie Harrow advises on Cow Comfort, plus the latest news from your region and seasonal promotions.

Newslettter April 2020

Featured: Synergy’s latest COVID-19 response, Colostrum Managemenet in Beef Suckler Calves by Tom Shardlow, Peter Hansford takes a look at our Mobile Handling System, and the latest news from your area.

Newsletter March 2020

Featured: Globe Trotting by Rachel Hayton, Tom Cook looks at how to optimise animal handling,  and the latest news and events from your area.

Sheep News March 2020

Featured: Challenge Sheep Update, Summer Campaign: lameness in sheep, fly control and the round-up from the lamb loss meetings.

Newsletter February 2020

Featured: CowSignals – Happy Cows, Happy Farmers by Andre Northey, Josh Swain looks into the importance of a diagnosis, Improving Foot Trimming Lists by Vet Tech Andrew Cooke and the latest news and events from your area. 

Newsletter January 2020

Featured: Protect your herd from TB, a brief overview of Clostridial Diseases, and the latest news and events from your area. 

Newsletter December 2019

Featured: Synergy MD awarded Animal Health Advisor at the Food and Farming Industry Awards 2019, The Affects of Lameness on Performance, the latest Vet Tech Team update and news from your area.

Sheep News December 2019

Featured: Forage analysis, Orf Vaccine – are you using it correctly? Change to Red Tractor Standards and the latest courses and dispensary news.

Newsletter November 2019

Featured: Paula Hunt looks at how to tackle TB on your farm, Claire Rudd takes a closer look at Cattle Warts and Vet Tech James Perrett expands on Dermatitis. Plus the latest news and events in your area.

Newsletter October 2019

Featured: National recognition of outstanding achievements by Synergy Staff, Practice Progress with Antibiotics by Emily Gascoigne and Tom Clarke looks at NEW Red Tractor requirements.

Newsletter September 2019

Featured: Moulds can disease by Alastair Hayton, Pete O’Malley looks at Action Johnes (are you up to speed?) and Dave Phillips touches on lameness management.

Sheep News September 2019

Featured: Sheep Rounds from the Future of Production Meetings for Beef & Sheep, RAM Fertility – the 5 T’s, and Vaccines Update.

Newsletter August 2019

Featured: Synergy Finalists of the Antibiotic Guardian Awards 2019, Rachel Hayton touched on Tubing Cows (gently does it!) and Jon Reader taks a closer look at Mycoplasma bovis.

Newsletter July 2019

Featured: Treating Milk Fever by Mark Burnell, Josie Burridge looks into New Forest Eye and Colin Hayden celebrates two decades of foot trimming.

Newsletter June 2019

Featured: CCTV in your calving barns by Emily Gascoigne, Bony changes in the foot by Pete Silviter, and a note on Sole Ulcers by Daryl Foot.

Sheep News June 2019

Featured: Haemonchus Evening Round Up, Culling Ewes; Decision Making by Clare Eames and our latest courses.

Newsletter May 2019

Featured: VBD Stamp It Out Update, Stress free Disbudding and how your beef herd could be more efficient.

Newsletter April 2019

Featured: Cryptosporidiosis in Cattle, Syncs in the Suckler Herd and Marc Hamlett shares Vet Tech News.

Sheep Newsletter March 2019

Featured: an update on Sheep Scab, Colostrum Management and Emily Gascoigne shares her lamb cam.

Newsletter March 2019

Featured: sheep lameness and Footvax by Charlotte Mouland, Reuben Newsome talks of the mechanics of the cow’s foot and James Perrett gives the latest Vet Tech News.

Newsletter February 2019

Featured: Tom Shardlow talks about healthy dairy bull calves, how carcase trait EBV’s help beef farmers boost profits, and read the latest from our rounds.

Newsletter January 2019

Featured: BVD ‘Stamp It Out’ Campaign and our meetings, safe working on farm by Vet Tech Dave Frecknall and Andre Northey touches on Embryo Transfer.

Sheep News December 2018

Featured: Forage Analysis, Sheep C-Sections and our latest meeting dates.

Newsletter December 2018

Featured: Alastair Hayton has a global reflection, Graeme McPherson talks on Pneumonia and there’s news from the rounds.

Newsletter November 2018

News on our current Infectious Disease Screening initiative and Mental Health Awareness in our November newsletter

Newsletter October 2018

Featured:  Bull Reproductive Technologies with Gareth Foden and ‘Prepping’ cows to prevent mastitis in the parlour with Tom Clarke

Newsletter September 2018

Featured – Feed More Milk  – advice from Tom Shardlow, and Monitoring Transition Cows with Sam Cottam

Newsletter August 2018

Featured:  The Heat is on – top tips to consider for keeping your livestock safe, comfortable and maintaining production in the hot weather from Claire Rudd

Newsletter July 2018

Featured:  Tips on how to make the most of our grass from Abi Charlesworth and a view of our responsibilities to our Industry from Mark Burnell

Newsletter June 2018

Featured:  Ed Powell-Jackson on the recent changes to Red Tractor Farm Assurance and advice on how to deal with heat stress in cattle from Jon Reader.

Sheep News June 2018

Featured:  Top Tips on Footbathing from Abi Charlesworth and Optimising fertility by nutrition from Ben Barber – also don’t miss your chance to take part in our annual Lamb Loss Survey.

Newsletter April 2018

Featured:  Pete Siviter on Using fertility to drive health and profit and Responsible use of Medicines from Alasdair Moffett.

Newsletter March 2018

Featured:  Graeme McPherson on “When it comes to beef, theres a fine line between profit and loss” and Views from our MD Andrew Davies.

Newsletter February 2018

Featured:  Rachel Hayton on antibiotic use and Paula Hunt keeps us up to date with calf castration and disbudding regulations

Youngstock Newsletter January 2018

Featured: Josh Swain on Cold Weather Calf Rearing and why post mortems are a must by Tom Shardlow.

Newsletter January 2018

Featured: Clare Eames discusses the benefits of planning ahead, Ben Barber talks Downer Cow and there’s the latest from the rounds.

Sheep Newsletter December 2017

Featured: Challenge Sheep is discussed by Emily Gascoigne, Abi Charlesworth talks Liver Fluke and there’s feedback from the Organic Discussion group held at Trill Farm.

Newsletter December 2017

Featured: Charlotte Mouland covers Calf Scours, Alastair Hayton talks Christmas and Matt Board delivers the latest from our Vet Techs.

Newsletter November 2017

Featured: Tom Clarke covers Bluetongue, the RUMA Conference announce new antibiotics target (of which Synergy is ahead of the game) and Tom Shardlow discusses the importance of fluids in Calf Scour.

Newsletter October 2017

Featured: Reuben Newsome covers Anti-Inflammatory Relief for Lame Cows, Neospora is looked into by Gareth Foden and Graeme MrPherson discusses his latest Interesting Case.

Newsletter September 2017

Featured: Bovine TB is covered by Paula Hunt, Ed Powell-Jackson discusses New Forest Eye and Uterine Prolapses is looked into by Reuben Newsome.

Sheep Newsletter September 2017

Featured: Abi Charlesworth discusses Haemonchosis, Antibiotics in the Sheep Flock is looked into by Emily Gascoigne and Alice Geddes covers Drench Guns and Quarantine Drenching.

Newsletter August 2017

Featured: Red Tractor Changes on the horizon discussed by Josh Swain, Ischaemic Teat Necrosis by Jon Reader and Rhiannon Purbrick takes a look at our Cattle Lameness Courses.

Newsletter July 2017

Featured: Gary Harding looks into ‘Stress Free’ Disbudding, Tom Clarke discusses Game Changing Technology and Improving Grassland Management to Improve Production for Grass is covered by Tom Cook.

Sheep Newsletter June 2017

Featured: Foot-Rot vs CODD article from Charlotte Mouland, Abi Charlesworth discusses Faecal Egg Count Resistance Testing and Quarantine Drenching is covered by Ben Barber.

Newsletter June 2017

Featured: Gareth Foden discusses Footbathing and Graeme McPherson takes a detailed look at Cattle Lameness.

Newsletter May 2017

Featured: Alasdair Moffet looks at the effects of Lungworm, Abi Charlesworth discusses Digital Dermatitis and Alasdair Moffett shares his interesting cases.

Sheep Newsletter April 2017

Featured: Colostrum points by Charlotte Mouland, Emily Gascoigne discusses the importance of the first 8 weeks and Abi Charlesworth touches on the risk of Nematodirus.

Newsletter April 2017

Featured: Mark Burnell discusses Cow Abortions, Vaccines are looked into by Ben Barber and there’s a Leptospirosis outbreak warning from Tom Clarke.

Newsletter March 2017

Featured: Rachel Hayton has the latest news on Action Johnes, an interesting case from Claire Rudd and some top tips on Grass Staggers from Charlotte Mouland.

Newsletter February 2017

Pig EMS 003

Swine Quarterly

Infectious diseases special edition – featuring Swine flu, Eryspielas and Salt poisoning

Newsletter January 2017

Alasdair Moffett has a review of the Dairy Market in 2016 and some tips on how Synergy can help you in 2017.

Newsletter December 2016

This month Claire Rudd has some tips on protecting your herd from Bovine TB.

Newsletter November 2016

Heifer weighing

Early growth is lean growth!  Tom Shardlow tells us about the importance of measuring and monitoring your heifers growth.  News from a recent robotic milking seminar, and how Genomics has the potential to revolutionise current genetic thinking.

PigSwine Quarterly

Featured in this issue of swine quarterly

Dorchester Show Review, The Tamworth Comes to Dorset!, Breed Exclusive: The Vietnamese Pot-Belly, Upcoming Meetings and Dry-Curing your Own Bacon

Newsletter October 2016


This month Josh Swain talks about Social Grouping  – a tool for keeping heifers happy?  Gareth Foden has some advice for cows with swollen faces and Tom Clarke has news of our Dynamic Parlour Testing Service.

Sheep News Oct 2016

Newsletter September 2016

Andrecalf drinkingw Davies gives us a TB News update in the September newsletter, containing information on new research findings, TB control measures and testing facilities.  Paula Hunt also has some advice on using water to maximise growth rates, health and production.

Newsletter August 2016

BVD FreeRead all about the new national campaign ‘BVD Free England’ in this months newsletter.

Newsletter July 2016

YFC Evening

In our July newsletter Tom Clarke informs us about Botulism in Cattle, an update on the current Bluetongue situation and Emily reports on our recent open evening for Young Farmers.

Newsletter June 2016

Animal Health Advice June 2016

Newsletter May 2016

Newsletter April 2016

Sheep News April 2016

Newsletter March 2016

Beef News March 2016

Animal Health Advice March 2016

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