ROMS Accredited Mobility Scoring Course – ONLINE

February 24, 2021 @ 10:30 am – 2:00 pm
£150 + VAT pp
01935 83682
Learn the ins and outs of mobility scoring to target cattle lameness on farm.
Biosecurity: Understand the term “biosecurity” including how to manage risks to your farm’s health status and infections that may get onto your farm.
Carry out: Learn to carry out a herd mobility score that is complete, efficient, and accurate and does not put the cow or any personnel at rick from injury.
Record: Learn to record, collate and communicate the results to the appropriate people in your team.
Qualify: At the end of the course you will have learned the skills needed to go on to qualify as an ‘Assured Cow Mobility Scorer’.
Know the System: Learn and understand the principles of the AHDB Mobility Scoring System and how it can be used.
Protocol: Follow an agreed protocol to ensure the best results every time.
Understand: What to do next when your herd’s mobility scores have been taken.
This event will be held online.
We will be offering additional one to one support on your own farm following the course for an additional fee.
Give us a call on 01935 83682 or email to book your place, we will give you details on how to join us.
£150 + VAT pp.