About Synergy

We aim to be recognised as the leading UK agricultural veterinarySynergy_02-03-16-2908 business, delivering quality clinical services to farmers, but also extending to research, education and technology.

We believe that the provision of forward thinking and proactive advice will help maximise animal health and welfare on farms regardless of their size.  We have a team of 31 farm animal only vets who operate in regional teams covering much of Dorset, south Somerset and east Devon.  Each farming enterprise has a nominated local vet who is the farm’s primary point of contact, allowing us to deliver a high quality and personalised service tailored to that farm’s requirements.  All our vets are highly motivated, have a genuine interest and understanding of UK agriculture and engage in regular professional development.

We also have a team of eleven highly skilled and experienced vet technicians who provide a quality service to livestock farmers throughout the region.


Synergy Farm Health Ltd is owned and managed by the senior vets in the team.  The directors of Synergy Farm Health strongly believe that this structure brings significant benefits to all parties,  our farmer clients and our employees.  We greatly value the long standing relationships that we enjoy with our clients, which in many cases have been built up over several generations, and believe this to be an essential component of a successful farmer-vet relationship.





Our relationship with our clients and their businesses is founded on trust and, in normal circumstances, a veterinary surgeon from this practice will not disclose to any third party any information about a client or their animal either given by the client, or revealed by clinical examination or by post-mortem examination. This duty also extends to support staff.

The duty of confidentiality is important but it is not absolute and information can be disclosed in certain circumstances, for example where the client’s consent has been given, where disclosure can be justified by animal welfare concerns or the wider public interest, or where disclosure is required by law.

The client’s permission to pass on confidential information may be express or implied. Express permission may be either verbal or in writing, usually in response to a request. Permission may also be implied from the circumstances, for example where a client moves to a different practice and clinical information is requested. However, whenever practicable the client’s express consent to the disclosure should be sought.

No photographs or client testimonies will be posted on our social media without client consent.


In circumstances where the client has not given permission for disclosure and the veterinary surgeon considers that animal welfare or the public interest is compromised, client confidentiality may be breached and appropriate information reported to the relevant authorities. Where there is some other significant threat to public health or safety or to the health or safety of an individual; or where the information is likely to help in the prevention, detection or prosecution of a crime.